Ensuring Access to Jobs and Electronic Court Documents for People with Disabilities

As part of our celebration of the ADA’s 25th Anniversary, this month’s Justice Blog spotlights recent successes in access to employment and access to the courts. In the employment arena, the Department reached settlements with nine public employers to require them to remove illegal questions asking applicants about their disabilities from their job applications. In addition, several agreements required employers to ensure that their online job application websites are accessible in compliance with WCAG 2.0 AA. 

The Blog also spotlights the success brought about by our settlement with the Orange County, Florida Clerk of Courts to ensure that, upon request, the Court provides electronic court documents in a format that is accessible to individuals with disabilities, such as attorney Thomas Ross, who is blind. Almost one year into the settlement agreement, the Clerk of Courts has made significant improvements to its website and has also completed training on the ADA and online accessibility requirements. This will help to ensure that Mr. Ross and other individuals who are blind can access the court documents they need to practice their professions or participate in cases in which they are a party. 


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