Ensuring Access to Jobs and Electronic Court Documents for People with Disabilities

As part of our celebration of the ADA’s 25th Anniversary, this month’s Justice Blog spotlights recent successes in access to employment and access to the courts. In the employment arena, the Department reached settlements with nine public employers to require them to remove illegal questions asking applicants about their disabilities from their job applications. In addition, several agreements required employers to ensure that their online job application websites are accessible in compliance with WCAG 2.0 AA. 

The Blog also spotlights the success brought about by our settlement with the Orange County, Florida Clerk of Courts to ensure that, upon request, the Court provides electronic court documents in a format that is accessible to individuals with disabilities, such as attorney Thomas Ross, who is blind. Almost one year into the settlement agreement, the Clerk of Courts has made significant improvements to its website and has also completed training on the ADA and online accessibility requirements. This will help to ensure that Mr. Ross and other individuals who are blind can access the court documents they need to practice their professions or participate in cases in which they are a party. 


My cerebral palsy story – in animation

Being the only disabled pupil in a mainstream school can be a lonely experience, especially when classmates are too shy to chat or ask questions.

Fourteen-year-old Tegan Vincent-Cooke from Bristol has cerebral palsy and was in this situation but found a new and engaging way to help others understand her.

Following a presentation to her class, everything changed.

“Straight away people asked more and did more,” says Tegan’s mum Sylvia Vincent. “She was treated totally different.”

And from there Tegan decided to put her story into an animated form to help other people understand her condition.

“You’d rather watch a cartoon than the news, so we thought it would get more people’s attention.” Tegan told BBC Ouch.

For a subtitled version click here.

Video Journalist: Kate Monaghan

Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-32785290

Girl aged 8 given first job at Aldi after writing this brilliant letter to bosses

An 8-year-old girl has landed her first job at Aldi after impressing bosses by writing an enthusiastic cover letter.

Carina Brooks, who is mature for her age, has been given the role of ‘store assistant’ and will be paid in sweets.

She first started tidying the shelves while out shopping with her mum, when staff joked she should apply for a full-time job.

But Carina, who has Asperger’s syndrome, thought they were being serious because of her condition and handed her application in after finishing school on Friday.

Mercury Press8-year-old Carina Brooks has landed a 'job' at Aldi and is being paid in fizzy sweets
Mature: Carina Brooks loves to tidy the store shelves

Children with Asperger’s syndrome, which is a form of autism, often struggle with social interaction and take things too literally.

Determined Carina wrote that while she knows she is ‘a bit young’ she ‘really wants the job’.

Her application is now being kept on file until she is 16 as the store manager was so impressed by her efforts.

Mum Linda, 43, said: “Carina is trying to save up for a tortoise as she really think a lot about the future and wants a pet that will live for a long time so she can pass it on to her children.

“Her brother Carrick was so impressed when she was given sweets for her tidying that he has now joined in.”

Mercury Press8-year-old Carina Brooks has landed a 'job' at Aldi and is being paid in fizzy sweets
Ambitious: The 8-year-old applied for a full-time position

Store manager Oliver Tingey was so bowled over by the girl’s determination that he came out to speak to her.

He explained that jobs could only be offered to those over 16 so would keep Carina’s application on file for then, and offered her sweets for the work she had already done.

Linda, who is a full-time carer for her children, said: “Carina takes things very literally so when she said she wanted to apply and I saw how determined she was, I didn’t want to stop her.

“I thought ‘what’s the harm’ – and I never thought that she would get time with the manager. I thought they would just brush her off!

Mercury Press8-year-old Carina Brooks has landed a 'job' at Aldi and is being paid in fizzy sweets
Salary: Carina is being paid in fizzy sweets

“I’d just like to say a huge thank you to him for the way he handled it.

“Because of her Asperger’s Carina can take things to heart and she could have been hurt if he’d not handled it so well, but he showed her so much respect for her feelings and didn’t brush her off.”

Carrick had now also been given some sweets for his efforts on the shop floor.

Mercury Press8-year-old Carina Brooks has landed a 'job' at Aldi and is being paid in fizzy sweets. She is pictured with her brother Carrick and store manager Oliver Tingey
Grafters: Carina pictured with her brother Carrick and store manager Oliver Tingey

Oliver, 34, store manager of Aldi in Anniesland. Glasgow, said: “It has been great to meet Carina and she has been a real asset to the store on her visits.”

Knightswood Primary School pupil Carina is now focusing on her dancing, singing and drama as hopes to one day appear on stage.

Linda said: “I’m so grateful to the way Aldi have handled this. Going shopping with two kids can be very stressful and when both have Asperger’s this can add even more complications.

“But the way Oliver and the rest of the branch have been with me, Carina and Carrick has been amazing and I am very thankful.”

The full letter reads:

Dear Shop Owner,

I would like to get a job at your shop. I live at….

I am 8 years old and I want a job tidying up the shop and when I get older run the tills.

I know I’m a bit young but I really want this job.

My phone number is….

Yours sincerely,

Carina Brooks

Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/girl-aged-8-given-first-5727394