Justice Department Files Report from Expert Panel Calling for Sweeping Changes to Bring Law School Admission Council’s Testing Accommodation Procedures into Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act

The Justice Department filed a best practices report from an expert panel convened pursuant to the Consent Decree in Dept. of Fair Employment & Housing (DEFH) v. Law School Admission Council, Inc. (LSAC), Case No. 12-1830-EMC (N. D. Cal). The panel, consisting of experts in cognitive disabilities, the provision of testing accommodations, and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), was charged with examining ten specific areas of LSAC’s testing accommodation practices and establishing, where needed, changes or “best practices” to bring LSAC into compliance with Title III of the ADA. The panel’s Best Practices Report requires sweeping changes to LSAC’s testing accommodation practices in each of the ten areas examined. For example, the Best Practices Report details the types of documentation that will be sufficient for various types of testing accommodations requests, outlines who should review testing accommodation requests and how the review should be conducted, and creates an appeals process for those candidates whose testing accommodation requests are denied. The timeline for LSAC’s implementation of the best practices depends on whether any of the parties challenge them in court.


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