No comment: Boldi’s adventures

In advance, I would like to let you know some facts about Boldizsar. He lost his eyesight in his early years, nevertheless he performs perfectly not only in daily life, but also on academic level. Moreover, he treats the below mentioned and similar situations with his best sense of humor.

I think, it is the only way to manage these situations, but: no comment… Hopefully, with the help of these few words, we all can improve our social skills.


“Today’s story gets a rating of 8 on a scale to 10.

I was sitting at the end of the bus, close to the last door. I pressed the button, when I wanted to take off, but nothing happened.

I pressed it again and again, but the door just did not want to open. 

I pressed the emergency button, still nothing.

I started to accept the fact, that I cannot take off at this stop and I began to go forward the driver, when he suddenly said in his loudspeaker: 

“Just a minute, we have to wait for the blind to take off”…


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